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Are you ready for when the headline is you?

Crisis management

Crisis simulation

Crisis plan

Post crisis evaluation

Reputation management

Crisis Management

Strategic and timely support in what your organisation should do next.


Copywriting of official communication statements and 


Handling social media.


Simulation of a series of crises, including interview 

ambushes and social media mayhem. 

How to handle the media and how to  respond to being in the line of fire.

Crisis Simulation

Crisis Simulation Practical 


A crisis situation will be simulated. Delegates will have to face the media and answer questions in a press briefing or the storming of a boardroom via media ambush. Interviews will be played back for live critique.


On camera grilling and crisis strategy will be a focus, followed by reputation development needs post crisis.


Interview scenarios will be repeated and rehearsed to ensure delegates mitigate risks during a crisis, whilst giving a good media response, focusing on key messages.


There will be a post-crisis report that will outline the processes and procedures to be followed in the event of a crisis.

Crisis Plan

Post Crisis Evaluation

A crisis communications plan will be crafted for your organisation.

Following your crisis, we will do a media audit and public opinion evaluation, as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the crisis, how it was managed and the results and effect on brand reputation.

Reputation Management

Following a crisis, we assist in reputation management, enhancing your brand image through projects, positive news creation, positive video productions and placement, and specialised PR campaigns.

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