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Media Training

Are you ready to face the media?


The King’s Speech Media Training gives you an insider's guide to handling the media, equipping you with a complete media messaging toolkit, effective media communications strategies, insights and strategies necessary to manage your media image and enhance your company's reputation, training you on how to do it on camera and in the hot seat.

One-on-one training, executive team training or corporate workshops, we deliver a package tailored to your needs with fully customisable, highly-specialised on-camera trainings


We work with organisations' communications teams or PR agencies to ensure teachings are aligned with the vision of the organisation and that the key messages and manners in which crisis scenarios are dealt with, are correctly positioned. We discuss potential and past crises, as well as past interviews, press releases and any relevant key messages the company is punting.

We sign an NDA, so your information is strictly confidential and any crises, past or present, will not be disclosed.

We request a fact sheet on the organisation for the delegates to use in their interviews. 


Delegates complete an online questionnaire and  receive a Training Prep Kit.

Part One

3 hours

Interactive workshop - in person or online 

Media training theory presentation with media training manual


The media landscape

Complete media messaging toolkit

An insider's guide to handling the media

Selling a story to media

Types of interviews and media

The art of storytelling

Interview traps

Reporter tactics

Handling impromptu situations

Communicating complex information 

Interview insights and strategies

Preparing for an interview

Part Two

30 - 60 minutes per delegate

Our coached practical sessions are recorded by our camera crew and played back via a monitor for a live critique.


A real life experience in studio  or in your office with lights, cameras, microphones and a reporter. 

Studio etiquette

Where to look

Dress for on camera


How to sit

Body language

Hand gestures

Vocal development

Managing nerves

Media image

Studio rundown

Radio interviews

Telephone interviews

Zoom interviews

Face-to-face for print

Part Three

Online Follow Up

Delegate evaluation report

Certificate of completion

Link to footage

Advanced On Camera Grilling



2-3 hour highly-specialised practical run-throughs


On camera grilling

Crisis simulation

Listing prep interview coaching

Results interview coaching

We bring you into our studios and give you the coaching necessary to prepare you for a seamless interview, delivering the right messages and protecting your brand. 

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