Don't forget to breathe

You step up to that podium or you sit down on that seat in front of the camera. Your palms are sweating, your heart is racing. The bright lights beat down on you. You are frozen, afraid to speak. We have all been there, but how do we get out of the space?

It is quite simple - just breathe!

Breathing slows your heart rate, helps to clean out your lungs and reduces anxiety. If you breathe from the pit of your stomach, you will have better posture, a clearer voice and better projection.

How to breathe properly?

  • Stand up

  • Spread your feet shoulder width apart

  • Neck back, Chin down

  • Place one hand on your stomach. Breathe in. You should feel your stomach rising and then breathe out. This time your stomach falls. Watch your shoulders. If they rise and fall noticeably you are most likely breathing off the top of your lungs. Try until you can feel a definite rise and fall of your stomach.

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