How to get an on camera voice

What makes a great voice? When we think of a powerful and strong voice, we think of Morgan Freeman's voice of God. It's deep, it has a range of pitch and tone, and it is warm and easy to listen to. So, what is his secret?

Layve Robinowitz, Director and Head of Family Office, CRM, Stonehage-Fleming

When asked, Morgan Freeman said the secret to his deep, rich tone is... Yawning! Yawning relaxes the vocal chords and allows us to speak at our natural level. When in front of the camera, we often raise the pitch of our voice, because we are nervous and our vocal chords are tense. Yawning will relax those tight chords and bring, not only a richer, more powerful voice, but also allow us to sound calmer and more refined.

At a recent training with private wealth management firm, Stonehage-Fleming, we practiced the Morgan Freeman voice with a few yawns before going on camera. The team found the little secret quite invaluable and were able to speak with power and poise. Next time you are preparing for an interview, have a little yawn before hand... but don't do it on camera!

The King's Speech media training Stonehage-Fleming, Cape Town.

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