In a Crisis!

A crisis can erupt anywhere and at anytime. The secret is to be on top of it as soon as it happens. Just look at Enterprise waking up to having their name sprawled across every South African headline and now even across global news.

If you have not handled a communications crisis before, get in touch with The King's Speech to assist. In many cases, responding incorrectly can add fuel to the flames and cause more damage that good. Seek professional advice fast. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... because we know a crisis can happen at any time.

Steps in a Crisis:

- Monitor Social Media

- Respond to Messages and Comments

- Always be Sympathetic to your Customers and Fans

- Identify a Spokesperson

- Prepare a Statement

- Tell the Truth and Tell it Fast

- Take Blame where Blame is due

- Apologise and Learn from your Mistakes

- Release a Statement

- Respond to Media Requests immediately

- Continue to Monitor the Media

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