A leader in the media training landscape, The King's Speech is a communications training and development institute, offering bespoke, on-camera media training, presentation skills and crisis communications simulations. Unlike other trainings, our focus is on the experiential side of training, and we have tailored our programmes for corporate workshops, virtual platforms and live sessions. 


I'm Ashlea Evans

After years of interviewing world leaders and top business executives who struggled on camera, I realised that even the best presenters still feel overwhelmed in front of the lens. Having trained in broadcasting, and worked in front of the camera as a live TV reporter, there were many skills I had learnt to conquer nerves, captivate audiences and present as a master orator.  

So, I founded The King's Speech in 2012 to help train delegates on how to make the most of their media appearances, presentations and even job interviews.

To me, the value always lies in practical learning, and that is why I set up my one-on-one coaching sessions to help people just like you master their communications with hands-on coaching and individualised development support . I’ll show you how to find your confidence, speak professionally, and equip you with a complete media messaging toolkit, media and communications strategies and insights necessary to manage your media reputation, and enhance your brand image.

Manage your Nerves

Did you know that according to NBC news 75% of people suffer from the fear of public speaking, or facing the media.

Communicate Effectively

Learn how to concisely and effectively convey the messages you want to get across, making a memorable impact on your audience.   

Master your Presence

Captivate your audience through storytelling, body language and vocal development.

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The film, The King’s Speech, is a true story about the incumbent King George VI and his fear of public speaking. Through a great coach, courage and perseverance, he delivers a killer speech, and people all over England are inspired by his words. We believe that with the right training, anyone can become a communications master.


"I highly recommend this course as Ashlea trains you to become aware of things that you don’t think about and take for granted."

- Nyiko Shiburi
"I saw an immediate improvement. The training helped me to speak fluently when presenting or making my point in meetings."
- Sifiso Tshabalala

"Professional, personalised and practical - a rewarding and insightful experience!"

- Ayo Ajala

Listen to my story

I am so glad to have you joining me here. So who am I? I am Ashlea Evans and I will be your coach. What a lot of you may not know about me is that I am not someone who was born confident in the spotlight. I am someone who shies away from the camera and getting to where I am today took some very difficult lessons, some hard work, and a lot of practice. Remember that communication skills is exactly that, it’s a skill. It is something that is learnt and practiced over time. I am going to be teaching you all the tips and tricks to bring out the media master in you.


Get actionable 1 on 1 coaching with Ashlea herself.

Communication success is a marathon, not a sprint. Ashlea will guide you to the finish line with one-on-one sessions tailored to your specific needs, goals and development.


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