Welcome, to a one stop place where you can learn to master your internal and external communication, you can enhance your brand reputation, you can create valuable brand content, and prepare for communication crises. 

Corporate Videos and Production 

Creating content that connects.

As a corporate video production company, we don’t just produce corporate videos — we craft and create a narrative that resonates with your audience and leaves a lasting impression. Think CNBC interview. Think 'On the Couch' candid interview. Think regular newsworthy commentaries. Think bringing financial reports to life.

Let your brand create content that mimics the news, that gives your audience entertainment value and content they want to consume.



Corporate Workshops in Media Training & Presentation Skills 

Nothing is as fundamental to the success of a business as internal and external communications.

The aim of every presentation or media engagement is to reach, move and make an imprint in the listener's brain, but how do you do that? How do you communicate complex information in simple and interesting ways to keep the audience engaged?

We teach an audience-focused presentation style, looking at who the audience is, tailoring the presentation and message to that audience, helping you design a compelling and engaging presentation, using key learnings from the world’s most effective presenters: Conquer your fear, prepare your presentation, and captivate your audience.

Use our 3 step process to deliver with confidence, clarity, focus and presence - mastering the art of owning the room and spellbinding your audience through our magical storytelling techniques.

We can give you a real life experience in studio with lights, cameras, microphones and an award winning reporter – ensuring that next time you step in front of the lens or audience, you are prepared and confident for whatever the reporter throws your way.

Crisis Communication

What do you do when the headline is you?

Experience next-generation crisis trainings. Whether it’s an incident, a social media crisis or a cyber-attack, put yourself and your team to the test and master crises in our live simulated or virtual training environment, the ultimate communicative challenge: group training in war game format. 

We create a simulation of a media ambush, social media, websites, news, multimedia libraries and blogs on our virtual platform, and using an automated simulation of social media traffic (BUZZ) using AI, we run your team through a war game format of handling a crisis that unfolds over several hours, coaching your team on how to be prepared with a crisis communications plan, how to react through messaging and statements, how to present as a calm and in-control leader and spokesperson. Immediate evaluation of your training in joint feedback sessions. Suitable for teams between five and twenty people. Duration: about 2 to 4 hours

Public Relations

Moving your brand forward in a way that matters.

What we offer combines years of experience, strong media relationships, creative minds working with new media solutions. PR, media relations, media placement and creating opportunities and partnerships. Consistent quality content to the right audience, via the right medium, is what will make you memorable.

Let us protect you in the media, in the public eye, and create a reputation you can be proud of.


"I highly recommend this course as Ashlea trains you to become aware of things that you don’t think about and take for granted."

- Nyiko Shiburi
"I saw an immediate improvement. The training helped me to speak fluently when presenting or making my point in meetings."
- Sifiso Tshabalala

"Professional, personalised and practical - a rewarding and insightful experience!"

- Ayo Ajala

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